Soulstice Inc.

Academic Achievement Program (AAP)

 The program applies a relatively new judicial approach to addressing students’ academic challenges. Those students, who are not meeting the credit requirements needed to be promoted, are required along with their parents to attend an informal session.  The student and parent together fill out an academic contract setting goals on how to meet these requirements. The contract has the following sections; a place where the students must explain why they are not meeting the requirement, what are their long term goals, and what are their short term goals and how do they plan on improving their grades.  Parents are required to sign the contract as well.

Accountability Court

Students that have three or more unexcused absents are required along with a parent or guardian to attend an informal session. The program does not punish but provides coordinated access to services in order to improve attendance yet holds the youth and their families accountable for the unexcused absents.