Soulstice Inc.

Every year Judge Johnny Mason, Judge Robert McBurney, Judge Renata Turner, Attorney Cora Graves, Attorney Chantel Mullen, and Attorney Adam Sutton volunteer to serve on the panel for the program. For the 2015 competition, our special guest panelist was United States Judge Peter Messitte from the District of Maryland.

Moot Court

Guest panelist have included: Justice Carol Hunstein, Justice P.Harris Hines, Staff Attorney Nancy Miller, Staff Attorney Sarah Rasalam, Professor Roy Sobelson, and Mrs. Shelia Manely.

The Young Litigators Moot Court Competition is a simulated oral argument similar to an argument made before an appellate court. One of the goals is to provide an educational program that supports the Georgia Common Core Standards in two subjects; English Language Arts and Social Studies. The program improves the participants understanding of the judicial system and court procedures as well as their critical thinking, public speaking, reasoning, team collaboration, and writing a persuasive argument.