Soulstice Inc.

The Peer Leadership program provides strategies for improving students critical thinking skills, solving problems, it fosters a positive sense of self, and provides opportunities for them to contribute to the overall school climate. The program provides the school with an effective way to decrease negative behavior, increase attendance, and empower students with a better way to deal with various difficult situations that they may experience in school and later as members of society. 

Peer Leadership Program

Program Goals

  • Empowers students with the skills and strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Develops their communication skills
  • Provides decision making tools that help them to make better choices for their future
  • Increase students leadership potential 
  • Helps students gain perspective and a better understanding of themselves, others, and their issues
  • Improves school climate by building relationships
  • Reduces the alienation, disenfranchisements, and powerlessness that students may feel