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                            My Experience with Teen Court at Kennedy Middle School

When I first stepped foot into Kennedy Middle I knew I was set for greatness. All the teachers came to me with open warm arms although there were two individuals who took me under their wing; Ms. Debra Tavaras and Mr. Bevin Carpenter. These two individuals always told me that I can do anything I put my mind to it. When Ms.Tavaras told me that she had an opportunity she wanted me to take on I was eager. Once I found out that we were having a Teen Court I was extremely happy.  Teen court showed me different aspects of law. Being the lead prosecutor was eventful. I encountered many defendants that through the sanctions they changed for the better. I had the opportunity to attend Law Summits and other educational field trips. Teen court taught me to be bold, brilliant and bright. Those characteristics still live with me today. Since teen court I've been involved in many extracurricular activities. These activities have taken me to different states throughout high school. I have maintained a high GPA and have taken on leadership responsibilities. After graduation I plan to attend a four year institution and major in Mass Communications/Journalism. 

Odessius Fitts
Booker T. Washington High School Classof 2014
Clark Atlanta University-Expected date of  Graduation 2018


My goal is to be on the JPPL Peer Panel!  In the past, I have been in trouble for cursing and disrespecting my teachers.  When I received a summons to appear before the Peer Panel I was very, very nervous.  However, the students on the panel helped me to see that my behavior was out of order.  I like the support I received from them even though they did not agree with my behavior.  They told me to apologize to the teachers that I disrespected and to apologize for disrupting the class.  I did both of those things.

One of the peer panel leaders has become a friend and is helping me make better choices and complete all my assignments when I return to court.  I appreciate the JPPL Peer Panel for helping me become a better person.  That is why I made the decision to change my behavior so that I could be on the JPPL Peer Panel like my friend.


Roberta Robinson -8th Grade
Crawford Long Middle School