Soulstice Inc.

Goals for the group:

  • The group will establish how to participant in the circle

  • Will have the opportunity to identify specific issues and they will have honest discussions about the issues

  • Procedures will be developed by the group on how to get help when issues and conflicts arise

  • The circle will be emotionally and physically safe for all participants so they can share concerns, conflicts, issues, and behaviors that are affecting them

Youth Empowered Programs

These programs uses restorative circles to help participants become responsible for their roles in creating and solving problems. This is the framework for building community and responding to challenging behavior through dialogue.

 Goals for the participants:

  • They will learn to use proactive ways to build and maintain relationships

  • To develop an understanding of the principles of restorative justice

  • To learn how to use restorative questions to support conflict resolution

  • How to identify who is affected by negative behaviors

  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Learn how to communicate how they are affected by situations using effective statements and restorative questions.